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Manufacturers today provide more style and colour options than ever before since garage doors have become such a prominent component of the façade of new homes. Bette Davies of Richards-Wilcox Canada, a Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer, says, “It’s crucial to make the garage door seem lovely.” “It’s not part of your home’s background, as many people believe.” We spoke with a few industry experts about some of the choices to think about if you’re looking for a new garage door.

Make a material choice.

There’s a lot to consider when investigating your options: durability, upkeep, design, and pricing.

Steel doors, which exhibit dings and dents, can take more abuse than wood doors.

“Cedar is the most often used wood, but if you have the funds, you can purchase anything you desire, including mahogany.” There’s also the issue of aesthetics to consider. “I want to match the style to the house windows,” says Eric Adelman, owner of the Toronto-based bespoke design firm South Park Design Build. “I’m thinking of staining the garage door for wood and stone houses.” The goal is to mix it in with the rest of the house – a white door and white trim is a very old-fashioned aesthetic. You can go crazy with materials in contemporary homes, such as glass doors and unusual wood designs.”

Garage Door - Piece Of Aluminium

  • There are a variety of styles, colours, and designs to choose from.
  • Maintenance is minimal to non-existent.
  • It’s rustproof, therefore it’s ideal for salty or humid situations.
  • The small weight of the material makes it easier to handle manually and less stressful on the operating mechanism, door openers, and tracks.
  • Steel is more durable, but it dents readily.

Garage Door - Stainless Steel

  • A staggering range of styles, stock colours, and finishes are available.
  • It’s more durable than aluminium.
  • If scraped or dented, it might rust.

Garage Door - Plywood

  • The traditionalist’s pick; a variety of unique design possibilities
  • The look of wood can be achieved at a lesser cost with veneers or overlays.
  • Maintenance is required on a regular basis (painting or staining)

Garage Door - Overlay Of Fibreglass/Pvc

  • A wide range of styles and patterns are available.
  • Although more robust than wood and metal, it is susceptible to cracking if struck forcefully.

Choose the garage door style that is most appropriate for your home.

Choose a door that blends in with the rest of your home’s design. “In a traditional home, you may want the door to blend in or disappear. “However, if your home is modern, you may emphasise it by opting for all glass or a one-of-a-kind design,” explains Francesco Di Sarra. The following are some broad guidelines for door types and features that will complement your home.

1. Georgian/Victorian/Colonial

  • Wooden panels (or lookalikes)
  • Look for a coach house or a stable.
  • Divided-light windows that are perfectly matched to the house windows
  • Iron hinges and handles, for example, are decorative hardware.

2. Edwardian/Arts & Crafts

  • Panels or parts that are raised
  • Match or compliment your home’s windows with arch-top or divided-light windows (but nothing too fussy looking)

3. Ranch Style From The 1950s

  • Plain finish with horizontal design focus, such as wood slats or banding
  • Simple hardware or windows that harmonise with the overall design of the home’s façade
  • Consider removing handles for a cleaner look.
  • Choose the appropriate colour.

4. Modern/Contemporary

  • Choose materials and features that make a statement with this style, which gives you the most design freedom.
  • Consider stained wood, horizontal or V-ribbed banding, and frosted or pebbled glass.

Pick the right colour

  • In general, the colour should blend in with the overall structure of your home rather than stand out; avoid bright colours and dramatic contrasts.
  • Instead of matching the front door, consider matching the garage door to your home’s window trim. Alternatively, choose a colour that complements your siding or brick.
  • Instead of white, select a beige or tan that resembles the mortar in the brick for less contrast with red brick.

Choose finishing touches to personalise your garage door style.

  • The door’s design options aren’t restricted to the basic door. Decorative accents and hardware are available from a variety of suppliers.
  • Multiple square or rectangular portions of panelling can be used to create everything from a colonial to a coach house design.
  • hardware for decoration Hinges and knobs are available in a number of styles, including forged-iron to mimic the look of a coach house or stable doors.
  • Adorning strapping A classic rural or barn door effect can be achieved by forming an X or Z shape with strapping (possibly in a contrasting colour).
  • Arch tops, divided lights, huge panels, and etched glass are among the window styles offered; textured and sandblasted forms are also available for reduced transparency.

Other solutions for convenience and comfort should be considered for garage doors.

  • Installation Bette Davies advises, “Make sure the Garage door is properly fixed and maintained.” “At this time, installation is not a regulated profession. Use a trustworthy company with a well-known door brand for safety reasons.”
  • Insulation The higher the R value of the insulated core of the door, the more noise and weather protection it provides. “The way people use garages is changing. According to Jean-François Morin of Garaga, “it’s not only a spot for your car, but a workshop or even extra living space for a lot of people.” “As a result, customers are requesting additional insulation – R14 or higher – as well as stronger weatherstripping to make it more comfortable.
  • Safety – Most automatic Garage door openers will retract if they detect an obstacle, but finger protectors may be necessary to avoid pinched fingers. Employ the services of a professional installation since steel doors can be deadly if they come down.

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